About Us

Medford Lakes Women’s Club is a social and not-for-profit organization falling under the umbrella of the Medford Lakes Colony. We manage multiple community wide events throughout the year for our town and help sponsor various local projects through our fundraising efforts.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to support our community through volunteerism and provide meaningful connections with a fun, diverse and welcoming group of women.

MLWC believes that:

  • Collaboration creates a thriving group of women.
  • Women connecting women creates unique opportunities.
  • Effective communication engage community.
  • Respect, hospitality, camaraderie and compassion are vitally important.
  • Social opportunities give women meaningful ways of connecting.
  • Investing and giving back to the community benefits everyone.

Women’s Club History

Originally coined the Women’s Auxiliary, the club was founded in 1942 with by-laws of promoting benevolence and welfare, mental improvement, year round sociability, providing a central meeting place and permitting close cooperation with the Medford Lakes Colony.

Membership was open to all female Colonist ages 21 and older, but the growth of the community led to creating a Junior Section for those aged 21 to 35. The activities through the years included antique shows, musicals, skating and swimming parties, teas, book review, bowling and badminton beach parties.

On the service side, the Women’s Auxiliary sponsored many worth-while projects. Countless hours were spent in the Red Cross workroom and the USO at Fort Dix. Contributions have been made to many worth causes such as cancer funds, polio drive, Salvation Army and CARE. They worked with the Girl Scouts, Tilton Hospital, the Children’s Home of Mt. Holly and with Indian Missions.

The Women’s Club Auxiliary was founded in 1942 by 20 women and by 1957 it grew to 175 members. It was, and still remains an indispensable organization to the Medford Lakes Colony.